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Mostly Asked Queries

I want to change my password

After you click change password, you will receive an authentication link at your registered email, where after authentication you can change your old password.

How can I hire the best candidate?

Register your company for free. The system created makes it simple to go to the exact department and filter the work experience required. Then simply browse resumes.

FAQs About User Account

How can I change my account password?

Click forgot password, you will be redirected to change password page where you can change your password by email authentication.

When will my account be activated?

Account will be activated soon once every required information is provided.

Can I change my account email?

No, there will be a single email once it is registered

FAQs About Employer

Can I deactivate my company profile?

Yes, company profile can be deactivated by an employer.

What is payment plan for employers?

There is no payment plan for employers. It is absolutely free.

How can I choose the best candidate?

First of all you need to see the need and requirements of your organization then you have to just search the candidate with required skills and qualifications and then select the one and call.

Can I post a job for my employees?

No, there will be no job post.

Will I get flooded with irrelevant job applications and resumes?

There is no chance of your private email information being made public and what you want to see is in your control.

Can I add multiple accounts for my company?

No, there will be a single account to get registered and that will be used.

Where will I be able to hire the candidates for my company from?

We provide global reachability on TheWorkGenies. The employer can hire candidates listed with TheWorkGenies.

Will there be an option to make a list of favorite or final options while searching?

Yes, employers will be able to mark and save their chosen resumes in the form of a list.

FAQs About JobSeeker

Is there any guarantee of being selected for a job?

TheWorkGenies is a portal for an opportunity to get noticed by numerous hundreds of companies that otherwise are not accessible to candidates. They can search your specific job description easily and find you. However we cannot guarantee they will hire you. Your resume and skills can match their requirement and you can get hired.

Can I have direct contact with the employer/company hiring me?

Yes. Once you are approached or hired, TheWorkGenies had no involvement in your interactions..

What is the criteria to be hired by a well-known employer?

The only criteria is if you meet the requirements of employer you can be hired by any employer.

Should I select my job preferences?

Yes, you must select your job preferences as it makes an easy decision making for an employer. This will increase your chances to get hired.